Tire blowouts can be aggravating, stressful and even dangerous. Our team members at Cavender Toyota would love to offer some tips on how to prevent tire blowouts. One of the best ways to prevent tire blowouts is to make sure your tires are in good condition and have adequate tread.

With time, tires tend to rot, split apart or just show signs of normal wear. There are many reasons why a car may have a tire blowout, and many are beyond our control. Tires often show signs of wear from bad roads and potholes. It’s important to always check the condition of your tires and monitor the air pressure.

If you do happen to have a blowout, drive to the side of the road, put on flashers, call for help and wait in vehicle until help arrives. Pay us a visit for your tire-related questions or if you need tire maintenance. Out San Antonio shop is fully equipped to help with all your needs.


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