Outperform The Competition In The New Tacoma

Are you looking for a truck that has the best off-roading capabilities on the market? At Cavender Toyota, we highly recommend you go for a ride in the new Toyota Tacoma, a popular mid-size pickup truck. We know you will be thoroughly impressed with the capability the Tacoma has in off-roading and towing situations.

With technology like Trailer-Sway Control, you have less to worry about when towing in windy conditions or a heavy load, because TSC adjusts braking power to each wheel, and manages the torque of the engine to help you tow safer and more efficiently.

Multi-Terrain select gives you an added connection with the Tacoma, by giving you five different driving modes to choose from. Visit us in San Antonio where we know you will be more than impressed with the performance of the new Toyota Tacoma. Because at Cavender Toyota, we want you to have the best test drive you have ever had.



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