What You Can Expect from the Toyota Tundra’s Superior Exterior

The Toyota Tundra has gained momentum as one of the most popular full-size pickup trucks this year. Which is especially true for big cities, like San Antonio, where heavy-duty, tow-and-go pickups are a must for construction jobs and worksites. The Tundra is available in six feature-rich models, each available in a dozen colors to help you customize your ride.

Loaded with perks, the Toyota Tundra features high-ranked, weather-appropriate, automatic high beams and wide-beamed fog lights. Both of these features help guide you through rain or shine while ensuring the utmost safety of you, passengers, and everyone else on the road. The 18-inch BBS wheels are rough-treaded and rugged for smooth stops across all terrains.

We at Cavender Toyota are proud to call the Toyota Tundra one of our top choices as an awesome pickup truck for hardcore Toyota fans. Need hands-on experience? Take our Tundra for a test drive when you’re ready.



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