The 2019 Toyota Tacoma Alert Systems Keep You on the Roads

The 2019 Toyota Tacoma is a sporty and popular midsize pickup vehicle. The 2019 Tacoma is more than comfortable on unpaved off-road vistas, but it also includes many safety features that are designed for use on the nation's highways. Among these eminently useful features are pre-collision detection systems and lane departure protections.

The 2019 Toyota Tacoma enjoys a wide wheelbase that gives it extra stability. That said, it also fields several high-tech attitude sensing systems that provide even higher levels of safety. One such system is the Toyota Lane Departure Alert (LDA) service. Working hand in hand with the proprietary Sway Warning System, the LDA keeps track of visual road cues to fix vehicle position while on roads. If the truck begins to move out of lane, this system alerts drivers with both audio and visual warnings.

Toyota's 2019 Tacoma also actively looks out for pedestrian safety. The Tacoma Pre-Collision System also taps into the onboard radar to identify potential pedestrian activity in the path of the vehicle. This service alerts drivers with visual and audio warnings, but it can go a step further by actually engaging the brakes if and when this becomes a necessity.



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