The Toyota Corolla Exterior Turns Heads

The Toyota Corolla is a stylish and comfortable midsize sedan. The exterior of the Corolla exudes aerodynamic good looks, but these looks are more than skin deep. The Toyota Corolla is specially tested in aircraft wind tunnels in order to minimize resistance to external airflows. The result is a vehicle that moves through the air faster and is more stable at speed.

The Toyota Corolla is also very fuel-efficient. This vehicle offers an estimated 30mpg in the city and it can hit over 40mpg during highway operation. This fuel-efficient nature is enhanced by the special Toyota Eco-Driving system. With the press of a button, drivers can enhance fuel efficiency by controlling air conditioning and throttle output.

In addition to the Eco-Drive tech, the Toyota Corolla includes a special Valvematic engine. Coupled with the tuned CVTi transmission, this motor turns heads in the pep department.



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