The Toyota Corolla Hatchback Has All-New Mechanics

Completely redesigned from previous generations, the Toyota Corolla Hatchback has a sporty platform and premium cabin. Cavender Toyota will discuss the car's all-new mechanical features, such as the 2.0 L Dynamic Force engine block that's paired with the Dynamic Shift CVT system. You can also get the optional Intelligent Manual Shift transmission that automatically matches the rev metrics in real time. Up to six gear ratios are available in the innovative iMT system.

The Light Pedal Effect Clutch significantly reduces mechanical vibrations inside the dynamic gearbox. Additionally, the Dual Mass Flywheel contributes to a consistent drive, especially at low gear settings. With some assistance from the Resin Concentric Slave Cylinder, the Corolla Hatchback maintains optimum stability at high speeds. This sporty model also a rear suspension system with a trailing-wishbone design that's usually optional in high-performance vehicles. The innovative suspension system allows this hatchback to hug corners with confidence.



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