ToyotaCare is a Service You Can Count On

Even if you haven't been there yourself, you've likely heard the story—you're cruising along on a road trip until your car suddenly breaks down on the highway. Without many options, you have to eventually get your car towed and pay a lot of money to get it repaired. However, with Toyota Care, you can ensure that your car is covered no matter where you are! This is because Toyota Care is a wonderful and reliable no cost service plan that gives you 24 hour roadside assistance.

Those who use Toyota Care don't ever have to worry about their car losing power on the road, as the service comes with battery jump-starts that will help you get going shortly after you recognize the problem. If you have to pull over because of a deflated tire, Toyota Care has you covered—the included tire service is prompt and easy!

Want to learn more about Toyota Care and see if your car is eligible? Stop by Cavender Toyota to get service today!



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