Look Closely at These Toyota Prius Technology Features

Why is the Toyota Prius a new compact hybrid you need to look closer at? Check out the technology features to understand why all the buzz.

If you take the all-new Toyota Prius out on the highway, you will certainly appreciate the Adaptive Cruise Control feature. Working to scan the road ahead for anything moving slower than you, the brakes gets powered back to slow you down to avoid a collision, then will resume the desired speed.

One helpful feature in the new Toyota Prius is the rearview camera system. Place the vehicle in reverse, the large screen on the center console now turns into the camera, giving you the ability to be able to see clearly behind so you can avoid children, pedestrians, or other vehicles.

At Cavender Toyota, the all-new Toyota Prius is getting a lot of attention, so come on down and test drive one for yourself.



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