Discover the Strength of Your Next Toyota Vehicle

What does horsepower mean and how does it help your vehicle? Your vehicle horsepower says what you need to know about the power of your engine. A horsepower is a unit of strength or power. The term originally was coined in the 18th century by inventor James Watt. Watt was hoping to sell more steam engines. In his efforts, he used a single horse to pull coal for a specific amount of time. He described this as horsepower. His single horse produced 22,000 foot-pounds of work in a minute. That was later increased to 33,000 foot-pounds.

This means your vehicle can do 33,000 foot-pounds of work per one unit of horsepower in any given minute. It could also mean you could haul 33 pounds during that stretch for one thousand feet. Modern vehicles are designed to have much more horsepower. It helps them haul and pull tremendous amounts of weight.

You can visit our staff at Cavender Toyota today to view the new and used inventory. We have plenty of vehicles with an amazing amount of horsepower to fit your individual needs.

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