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Order Toyota Parts

Whether new or pre-owned, your Toyota is designed and engineered to last for the long haul. And the most important element of ensuring your Toyota will stay running reliably for decades is by only using Genuine Toyota Parts available at Cavender Toyota's Parts Department, a recipient of Toyota's prestigious Parts Excellence Award for 15 years running.

Although less expensive, aftermarket replacement parts do not adhere to the same quality control standards that Genuine Toyota Parts adhere to. Quite simply, when it comes to fit, performance and durability, no aftermarket part can come close to the quality that wears the Genuine Toyota Part badge.

Toyota air filters feature needle-punch construction and triple-layer filtering to protect your engine from harmful contaminants better than any aftermarket filter.

Toyota TrueStart™ batteries are approved by the same Toyota engineers who designed your vehicle, and are custom made to optimize performance of your Toyota's electrical system.

Unlike aftermarket competitors who spend millions advertising the benefits of their motor oils, coolants and transmission fluids, Toyota instead invests that money into developing the highest quality, longest lasting fluids and premium oils that are formulated exactly for your Toyota.

One common mistake Toyota owners make that can potentially shorten the life of your Toyota's engine is using an aftermarket oil filter instead of a Genuine Toyota Oil filter. Genuine Toyota oil filters feature an anti-drainback valve to prevent oil from escaping to the oil pain, helping protect your engine from increased wear during cold starts.  When it comes time to replace a starter, alternator or brake calipers, Toyota Re-manufactured Parts are the utmost highest quality replacement parts you can purchase. Not only are they a perfect fit, but they're also improved to reflect updated technologies engineering and design. They also come with 12-month/unlimited mileage warranty.

The world of aftermarket "performance" spark plugs are filled with empty promises and placebos. If you're looking for optimum performance, there is absolutely no better spark plug than the one originally designed for your engine ? a Genuine Toyota Parts spark plug.

When you buy a new or pre-owned Toyota, you are putting your trust into decades of engineering excellence and superior quality. So why wouldn't you put that same trust into the parts that enable your Toyota to last for hundreds of thousands of miles?

For more details on the complete line of Genuine Toyota Parts, Toyota Accessories and the latest Cavender Toyota parts and service specials stop by or call them directly: (877) 356-4764